Urban Pandas is a private collection of 2.000 NFTs. Each one is stored as a token on the Solana Blockchain. Using more than 100 vectorized designs, each Panda is unique. Join us!! Let´s help and save the welfare of pandas in the world together.

100% of the earnings from the first 500 Urban Pandas NFTs sales, will go directley to a Panda foundation.

Panda Lu

Panda Albert

Panda Tobo

Panda Peet



The giant panda's habitat once spanned China, northern Vietnam, and northern Myanmar. But now it is only found in the wild in six isolated mountains in south-central China. Their habitat is degraded by people collecting medicinal herbs and harvesting bamboo, the pandas' main food source.

Three quarters of all wild pandas now live in nature reserves. You may have heard that giant pandas are no longer endangered, however they are still threatened.

It is estimated that around 2,000 giant pandas remain in the wild today. Help us protect this iconic species. Buy an NFT and support our work.

Did you Know?

A newborn panda is about the size of a butter tick, or 1/900 the size of its mother, but can weigh up to 150kg (300 pounds) as an adult. These bears are excellent tree climbers despite their bulk.



Public price: 0.3 SOL


Public price: 0.5 SOL

Owner´s price 0.3 SOL


Public price: 1 SOL

Owner´s price 0.5 SOL

Our community will grow as the project progresses. Our mint will be separated into 3 phases, each phase will increase the price of our NFTs, this will help to be a deflationary system. The buyer who arrives first ensures that their NFT increases in value for the next phase. Our only goal is to donate money to help these incredible animals.

Between phases our goal is to keep our community growing.

Whoever buys an NFT will not only belong to the VIP community in our Discord but they will also have benefits for the next Phase. Since our project lacks of a Whitelist, the owners are the ones who get the benefits. In each new phase, whoever is a Panda Owner ensures that they can continue mining at the price of the previous phase. That means that the Owners in phase 2 will be able to buy at the price of phase 1, and in phase 3 they will be able to buy at the price of phase 2.


What is an NFT?

-An NFT stands for Non-fungible token, fungible is a fancy word for exchangeable meaning no two tokens can be exchanged for each other, because each NFT has uniqueness that can be verified through the blockchain. It can be thought of as a digital collectible with digital scarcity. The digital scarcity can be verified on the blockchain.

What makes this project different?

-Besides our obviously amazing art? 🤔 🐼 This project was founded with the goal of donating money to save and help the welfare of pandas in the world. We will also retrieve the support of our first Panda owners with exclusive collections, airdrops and future discounts in mints.

How are we going to help the Pandas?

-The 100% of the earnings from the first 500 Panda sales, will go to a Panda foundation. The rest will go to cover marketing expenses and project collaborators.

Where is the launch?

-We're going to be launching our project on the Solana blockchain. We want the members of our community to get the most out of their money and not spend crazy amounts of money paying transaction fees..

How do I mint on Solana?

-In order to mint a Solana project you'll need to have some SOL in your wallet (preferably phantom) to cover the mint price (0.3 Sol) and transaction fees (0.05 Sol).

When is the launch?

-The launch is live, you can mint now!.

Where can I sell my NFTs?

-The Pandas are listed in Solsea and Magic Eden, the best 2 SOL NFTs marketplaces.